When to Contact an Indiana Eminent Domain Attorney

It is essential to understand your property’s rights and the government’s power over the property. State eminent domain, also known as condemnation, is generally understood as the state’s right to take private property without the owner’s consent, provided the owner is compensated justly.

Eminent Domain Involves Two Topics

Eminent domain disputes involve two separate topics. One is the right of the state to take the property at issue, provided that the government took it for a public purpose. The second issue is setting fair compensation for the property.

The Government Has the Right to Condemn Property

Indiana has the right to condemn private property. In general, it’s hard to overturn that right. Consequently, the primary legal battle usually focuses on the determination of fair compensation. According to the law, the government will first approach a property owner and propose a price for the real estate to be acquired. If the property owner deems that amount unacceptable, it may be beneficial to seek an Indiana eminent domain attorney.

Contact an Indiana Eminent Domain Attorney

There are many complicated aspects involved in the legal framework that governs eminent domain. When you discover the Indiana state government is in the process of eminent domain, we strongly recommend that you consult with an Indiana attorney that handles eminent domain immediately.