What Not to Do When You Encounter Police

If you are arrested by the police, it might feel like your world has ended, but in reality, the arrest is just the beginning. In fact, there are several actions you can take immediately following the arrest that will either help or hurt your case, and the arrest itself is merely the beginning. It’s important that you have an Indianapolis criminal defense attorney on your side.

Do Not Answer Any Questions

You have the Constitutional right to remain silent when the police arrest you, and you should exercise this right until you can speak with a criminal lawyer. Even if you are simply trying to proclaim your innocence, police can and will use whatever you say against you. Thus, it is in your best interests to avoid speaking until you have obtained legal counsel.

Do Not Resist Arrest

Running from the police or resisting arrest in any way is going to make your situation worse, even if you are innocent, if for some chance the police believe that you pose a threat, they may be rough with you, and your natural reaction will probably be to fight them off, but you should avoid doing so. Unfortunately, it would only serve to weaken your case while strengthening law enforcements case against you.

Do Not Believe Everything the Police Tell You

There are number of interrogation strategies police that the police use to get suspects to talk. The police may even go so far as implying that they already have substantial evidence against you, and can easily obtain a conviction. But, DO NOT believe anything that the police will tell you, and most importantly do not let law enforcement force you into defending yourself or confessing to the crime without a criminal attorney present.