Tips to Find a Child Custody Lawyer in Indianapolis

Are you looking for child custody lawyers in Indianapolis? Are you a mother who is fighting for custody of your child? Divorced fathers are also very often seeking legal counsel as custody issues can arise during the divorce. If you have children and need a way to gain custody of your child or your children, you must retain competent child custody attorneys in Indianapolis. A skilled lawyer will have your best interest at heart and ensure that the litigation processes take place to be beneficial to you.

Physical Custody is a Primary Concern for Both Parents

The primary concern that you will face as a divorced or separated mother is physical custody. Physical custody refers to the time you and your ex-spouse spend with your children, including the right to be children and responsible for making care decisions. The court will look at your parenting schedule in determining what is appropriate. You can get child custody attorneys in Indianapolis who specialize in these issues so that you have the best possible legal representation on your side fighting for your rights as a parent.

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Fathers Have Custody Rights as Well

Fathers need just as much access to their children as much as a child’s mother, which means that fathers should be involved in deciding where their children will live. To do this, you will need the help of a child custody attorney in Indianapolis who have experience with the visitation rights given to separated parents. The court’s visitation rights and agreements can make a tremendous difference in the well-being and happiness of the children. Fathers must learn about the child custody law in the state that they live to participate in the custody hearing process fully.

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After You Have Decided to Separate. What is Next?

After you and your spouse make a firm decision that separation is in your best interests, you can then begin to look for an attorney to represent you. You can take some simple steps to ensure that you find the right person for fighting for your custody rights in Indianapolis. The first thing you need to do is to interview possible attorneys to see if they have experience with the child custody laws in the state you will be filing in. The lawyer you choose must have experience with the child custody laws in the state you live in. If he or she does not, this is not the attorney for you.

Perform Your Due Diligence.

After you interview a possible Indianapolis child custody attorney, you will need to do your due diligence. You will need to check with the Indianapolis Bar Association and other professional bodies to see how much experience the lawyer has with child custody cases similar to yours. It is also a good idea to ask for a lawyer’s written statement regarding their success rate with cases involving children custody cases. Doing so will give you a clear picture of how the lawyer will handle your case.

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Contact an Indianapolis Child Custody Attorney

Once you have found a custody lawyer in Indianapolis who has experience with child custody laws, you can begin to contact them about your custody case. It is important to remember that even though your attorney is experienced with child custody cases, it does not mean that they will win your case. You need to put as much effort into the process as you would if you worked with an attorney who specializes in child custody law.