Romeo and Juliet Law Indiana

Romeo and Juliet Law Indiana

Romeo and Juliet was the tragic tale of two teenage lovers. The law was created to address the problem of young citizens of high school who participate in consensual sex acts and are not being treated as sexual predators, sexual offenders, or sexual predators.

  • What is the age of consent Indiana residents must follow?
  • What are Indiana’s dating laws like?
  • What are Indiana’s statutory Rape Laws?

romeo and juliet law Indiana

Indiana Romeo & Juliet Law

Most states have a Romeo and Juliet Law. The Romeo and Juliet Law Indiana, which allows 14-year-olds and 15-year-olds to engage in voluntary sexual activity with peers not more than four years older than they are, is legal. Technically speaking, this means that a 14-year-old can have sexual activity with an 18-year-old in Indiana.

The Indiana Romeo and Juliet Law address some of the inequities associated with statutory rapes, especially those involving teenagers. However, a defendant must meet strict requirements to receive the Indiana Age of Consent Law benefits. Therefore, they must hire the services of an experienced DUI lawyer to make the most of this law. Call D Turner Legal to discuss your Indiana Age of Consent Law crime. 

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Indiana age of consent

Indiana Age Of Consent

The United States considers the age of consent the minimum age attained by an individual to consent to participate in sexual activity. Statutory or adultery is when a person has sexual contact with someone not under the Indiana Age of Consent Law.

Indiana Age For Consent Law

How old is Indiana consent law? According to the Indiana Age of Consent Laws in 2019, Indiana’s legal Age of Consent is 16. Indiana law has great discretion in applying the Romeo and Juliet Law. State law permits individuals 14 years and older to consent to have sex.

Consent Laws Of Indiana

It would help if you first determined Indiana’s legal age for consent before you can decide whether or not you are in violation.

How Do Indiana Dating Laws Work?

A section of the Indiana Dating Laws makes it illegal to have sex with minors under 18. This is because coaches are in positions of trust and influence.

Indiana dating rules don’t specify the age that two people may be married. However, it is legal in Indiana for a 27-year-old to marry a 16th-year-old. Since 16 is Indiana’s legal age of consent, they can have legally sexual relations. If a person has consented to be dated at 16 but not 18 (the legal age of majority in Indiana), it would be against Indiana dating law.


The Indiana Romeo and Juliet Law could be used in your Indiana Age of Consent Law violation. D Turner Legal in Indiana is available to assist you with your criminal defense. Call 317-721-74783. She is the female criminal defense attorney you can count on.