How to Find an Expungement Lawyer Near Me

If you were convicted of a crime in Indiana, after a certain period of time, and depending upon the type of crime, you could be eligible for a criminal expungement under the Indiana expungement statute. The best way to determine if you are eligible is to perform a simple online search for an “expungement lawyer near me“.

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What is an Expungement?

An expungement is a process for sealing or deleting your criminal records. After a successful petition to the Superior Court of the county of your conviction, your criminal history records are sealed from everyone except criminal justice agents. That means that if you are in Marion County and need a Marion County Superior Court to enter your expungement petition. With the help of an Indianapolis expungement attorney, in addition to restricting access to your criminal records, an expungement means that you are legally able to refrain from disclosing your criminal history to the following individuals:

  • Potential employers
  • Landlords
  • Professional licensing organizations

The term “expungement” is a bit of a misnomer. It sounds as if the criminal history records are erased or destroyed. However, under the current Indiana expungement law, an expungement does not completely destroy the record of your criminal history. In Indiana, a criminal record expungement prevents access to criminal records by non-governmental persons and organizations. This does not prevent the following parties from obtaining access to your criminal records:

  • Court
  • Prosecutors
  • Law enforcement

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Do You Want an Expungement?

Do you want your records sealed or destroyed? If you want your records sealed in Indiana, then you should search for an “expungement lawyer near me“, and let them assist in processing your expungement request. You can perform an expungement request yourself. Here is a sample expungement letter. Though it is recommended that you retain an Indianapolis expungement attorney, skilled in performing the necessary process to complete an expungement request.